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CBN Mesh & Micron

CBN-B200 100/120

CBN-B200 is an angular, black coloured CBN abrasive, specially selected by Van Moppes for its excellent characteristics and performance. Despite the relatively blocky nature of its particles, it has excellent micro-chipping and friability properties, which make it most suitable for many ferrous metal grinding applications with ceramic bonded wheels.
CBN-B200-60Ni is the metal-coated version of CBN-B200. Its 60% Ni-coating guarantees optimum particle retention in resin bonded systems.

CBN-B600 120/140 

is a tougher version of the CBN-B200 product type. The improved crystal structure and good cutting edges allow higher working pressure and material removal rates to be achieved. It is particularly suitable for ceramic bonded and electrometallic wheels to grind HS steel, nickel and cobalt alloys or hard cast iron.
CBN-B600-60Ni is the metal coated version of CBN-B600, to guarantee optimum particle retention in resin bonded systems.

CBN-A500 100/120

is the tougher, thermally stable, very blocky and amber coloured ‘metal bond’ version of CBN grit. It is most suitable for long life metal bonded wheels and electroplated tools.
CBN-A500-60Ni is the metal coated version of CBN-A500. Its 60% Ni coating guarantees optimum particle retention in resin or polyimide bonded systems, for numerous high performance applications.

CBN-A800 120/140

is the toughest of our CBN mesh size products. Its excellent mechanical properties make it very suitable for high performance, heavy duty metal bonded wheels.

All CBN mesh sizes are also subjected to the additional optical inspection, for size distribution and particle shape, in order to enhance product consistency and confirm the required product characteristics.

CBN-B Micron

CBN-B Micron:
extension of CBN-B200 into the micron size range.
CBN-B-60Ni: metal coated version of CBN-B.
CBN-A Micron: extension of CBN-A500 into the micron size range.

These products benefit from the very sophisticated micron powder inspection system, which covers product size distribution and particle shape

The graph on the right shows the relative toughnesses of the various CBN mesh size products. The blue columns stand for the virgin materials and the red columns for the same products after thermal treatment at 1200°C for 20 min. in a reducing atmosphere.

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