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CMP Slurry / VM-125

CMP, also known as Chemical Mechanical Planarization, is a polishing process combining mechanical friction and chemical etching. It is used to achieve surface planarity in the nano­me­ter range, on components such as semiconductor sub­stra­tes or wafers for the electronics industries.

Some years ago, the CMP process also revolutionized the production of ceramic and sapphire components, such as sapphire watch crystals, substrates, windows and lenses. The CMP process allows all traces of mechanical diamond polishing to be removed. However, it remains relatively ex­pens­ive and therefore forms a significant part of component cost. The advent of nanometre size micron diamond powders created prospects for significant improve­ments in productivity and cost savings.

CMP-Chemical Mechanical Polishing CMP DP slurry

CMP-VM125 mainly consists of colloidal diamond powder in a deionised water base. It is guaranteed to be exempt of agglomerates and is chemically neutral. It can be mixed with any CMP slurry formulation. A 250g bottle is enough to boost the productivity of a 10 litre CMP slurry supply. It mixes easily and remains in perfect suspension through the slurry recirculation movement.

CMP-VM125 requires no change in your established CMP process. The benefits, however, are considerable. Here is the proven advantage that was demonstrated in several sapphire watch crystal manufacturing locations:

up to 50% reduction in polishing time which potentially results in

  • 50% reduction in machine and operator time

  • 50% reduction in CMP slurry consumption and slurry disposal cost

  • 50% reduction in polishing pad consumption

  • 100% increase in output per machine and time unit

  • Improved component surface geometry

  • Reduced reject rates

If required, the standard CMP-VM125 formulation may be fur­ther adapted to suit your exact CMP application require­ments.