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Diamond Nozzle

“Long life” synthetic diamond nozzle

We are pleased to announce a new range of “Long Life” synthetic diamond nozzles. Diamond’s extreme wear resistant, thermal, and chemical properties make it an ideal material of choice for orifices and nozzles operating in high velocity or harsh production environments. Industrial applications for these Long Life Nozzles include dry spraying, water jet cutting, cleaning, homogenizing and painting. The Long Life diamond nozzles for the water-jet cutting application are primarily designed for high volume production environments, for instance in the automotive industry. In comparison with nozzles made of sapphire a lifetime improvement of 15 to 20 times is achieved by using diamond.

Apart from this improvement the synthetic diamond does not contain cracks or other imperfections in its structure, and as a result implosion events are eliminated.

The successful development and testing of the Long Life Nozzle was as a result of a collaboration between Element Six, the Swiss company MVT (www.mvt.ch) and the University of Applied Science at Aargau, Switzerland. “We have demonstrated that by using a “long life” diamond water-jet nozzle, which produces a consistent water-jet quality reduces production down time significantly. Consequently this Diamond Long Life Nozzle will generate some great operational cost savings,” stated Mr. Waelti, President of MVT.

“Diamond is already the preferred material of choice in many demanding industrial applications and it is rapidly replacing conventional materials in many harsh environments. Manufacturers that use diamond as an enabling ingredient are benefiting from its superior properties and superior price/ performance ratios.” commented Paul Dankers, the General Manager of Element Six’s operation in The Netherlands.


Reasonable price.
Extremely resistant to abrasives as well as to foreign particles and other impurities in water.
Very good waterjet quality and constant volume flow.
Better waterjet alignment.
Lifetime of mixing tubes can be enhanced by about 20~30%


100,000 cycles test wotj abrasives at 55,000 psi presure.

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