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Synthetic & Natural Diamond Pastes

  Diamond pastes are available as water-soluble and oil soluble in different grain sizes. These products have proven to belong to the very best in the world.

Our diamond pastes are available in 5 grams syringes and 10 gram pots. Pastes are also available in larger packs upon request.


In general the paste carrier must be softer than the material to be ground and must offer sufficient resistance to the grinding pressure.

Diaspeed (diamond polishing paste)

Diaspeed diamond polishing pastes are supplied in two types:

Diaspeed-A (water soluble)
This diamond paste, with very high adhesion is most suitable for use at higher rotational speeds. Before spreading, the paste requires to be thinned down with water or solvents such as carbon tetrachloride or trichloorethylene.

Diaspeed-C (soluble in oil)
This diamond paste, with less adhesion than diaspeed-A, is capable of being very finely spread. The paste is soluble in oil (e.g. olive oil).
Diapeed-C is particularly suited for hand polishing or for machine polishing with a to and fro movement. This paste may also be thinned down with solvents listed under Diaspeed-A.

Both types can be supplied in normal and highly concentrated versions.

Diamond Grit Size

Recommended sequence of operation for grinding and polishing:
- Carbide 30-14-3 or 30-8-1
- Hardened steel 40-14-1/4 or 30-8-1/4
- Cast iron, non ferrous metals, glass and plastics 8-3-1/4 or 8-1-1/4