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Element Six is the world's leading developer and producer of technical solutions with diamond. Diamond products from Element Six use the unique properties of both synthetic and natural diamond. Our solutions with diamond meet the exacting needs of our customers in optical, thermal, cutting and electronic applications Element Six continually exploring new applications and areas where diamond fulfils customers' requirements far better than any other material. Diamond, with its unique combination of properties is an excellent material for various optoelectronic applications.

  Advantages of diamond etalons for DWDM
  • Synthetic single crystal CVD diamond with constant material properties.
  • Very high thermal conductivity of diamond makes the etalon insensitive to case temperature variations (Dflock ± 35 MHz).
  • Low dn/dT and CTE means smaller wave length drift with temperature compared to fused silica.
  • One product can cover both C and L bands.
  • High refractive index allows uncoated usage.
  • Simple handling: unbreakable, unscratchable.
  • Production capability for high volumes.
  • Optical coatings are being developed for high finesse diamond etalons.

Frequency shift depending on case temper-            FEM-simulation of temperature distribution in
rature for CVD diamond and fused silica Etalon.     diamond and fused silica etalon.