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Standard Diamond Windows

Standard diamond windows are produced from a full range of natural and synthetic diamond materials. The term windows is used to delineate the size of the diamond component, large area vs. smaller diamond components such as heat spreader. A set of highly controlled standard tolerances has been developed to meet most optical applications. Customized specifications can be developed where the application calls for improved features to enable a function of the application. Single crystal diamond windows can be supplied with known and documented crystallographic orientation. The choice of diamond material for a given application is critical. Our Sales and Engineering staff can assist you in making an informed decision of the best suited diamond material for your application.

X-ray diffraction photograph to determine the orientation of a type IIA natural diamond window.

Specifications for standard diamond windows

Diamond windows can be manufactured to the following standard specifications.


Optical CVD diamond

Natural type IIa diamond

lateral dimension

Ø 2 -100 mm

< 8 mm


0.3 / 0.5 / 0.7 / 1 mm

0.01 - 1.00 mm



[100], [110], [111] surfaces


4 fringes / inch at 633nm

4 fringes / inch at 633nm


30 nm Ra

40 nm P-V

*different specifications available on request note that some extreme combinations of specifications are not possible.


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