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Monocrystalline Micro Diamond Powder (Syndia)

We controls the Syndia micron diamond powder manufacturing process from end to end: adequate raw material selection, crushing and processing, purification, pregrading and precision grading by means of automated equipment. This results in perfect size distribution consistency. Particle shape deserves particular attention: it has to be consistently blocky, whilst retaining sharp cutting edges and rough particle surfaces for good retention. You will notice no difference between one delivery and the next.


Monocrystalline SYP 6.5-10 powder

Monocrystalline diamond


Syndia is available in two grading qualities: SYP (or SYG) (Precision) and SY (Standard), plus some special, market-specific product ranges or application-specific sizes. Monocrystalline micron diamond powder is the most used in lapping and polishing applications, as well as in bonded products such as diamond wheels, honing tools or glass smoothing pellets. Syndia micron and sub-micron sizes enjoy an excellent world-wide reputation.

DIADUST - the natural option

Diadust micron diamond powder is produced from natural diamond. In certain applications, it offers a useful option, despite the higher cost. Natural diamond shares the monocrystalline structure of its synthetic Syndia equivalent, but the absence of the metallic catalyst used for synthetic diamond production gives it some particular properties: better defined cleavage planes and a reduced electric conductivity. It is therefore preferred in selected applications requiring very free cutting properties. It is also used in the manufacture of some electrometallic tools and wheels.

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