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"Resin Bond" Mesh and Micron Sizes

The High Performance Resin Bond Grit

is a resin bond type diamond grit for its excellent characteristics and performance. Despite the blocky nature if its particles, it has excellent micro-chipping and friability properties.

Polycrystalline SS 0.5-1

This product is subjected to an additional inspection for size distribution and particle shape, using an optical inspection method. Due to its crystal characteristics and high surface roughness, RBV6 is extremely suitable for all resin bond type wheels and tools. We guarantee excellent product consistency, for better performance and reduced reject rates in numerous applications requiring a resin bonded system.

is the metal coated version of resin bond grit type RBV6. It is also subjected to the additional optical inspection, in order to enhance product consistency and confirm the required product characteristics.

RBV6-56Ni complements our offer in the grinding size grit area, where it offers optimum particle retention in resin bonded systems. It provides our customers with excellent value and performance for the production of resin bonded diamond wheels for numerous grinding applications.

RBV6-56Ni 120/140


is the uncoated extension of the RBV product into the micron size range. It benefits from the very sophisticated micron powder inspection system, which covers product size distribution and particle shape.

RBM-56Ni is the metal coated version of RBM. It offers outstanding quality and performance characteristics for all resin bonded precision diamond grinding wheels.

RBM 30-60

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