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"Metal Bond" Mesh Sizes
The multi-purpose grit

SY-MB grit is entirely produced as an extension of its famous micron size range. All production parameters and inspection systems are carefully monitored to guarantee perfect product delivery consistency over time. SY-MB contains blocky angular particles, with sharp cutting edges, which are continuously regenerated, due to the higher degree of friability than MBV63.


SY-MB 100/120

Due to its high surface roughness, SY-MB is suitable for both metallic and electrometallic bonds. Its excellent thermal stability allows it to be used in vitrified bonds.

The applications: We guarantee excellent product consistency, for better performance and reduced reject rates in numerous applications, such as precision diamond grinding wheels for glass, ceramics, PCD/PCBN, metals, smoothing pellets, honing tools, etc.

The medium-strength grit

MBV63 is a purpose-synthesized and unprocessed grit. It contains a majority of well shaped crystals. This factored product is additionally inspected for size distribution and particle shape, using an optical inspection method.


MBV63 120/140

A cost-effective, high performance product: This product complements our offer in the grinding size range and provides our customers with excellent value and performance for the production of diamond wheels for numerous grinding applications, as well as slitting discs for sapphire, gem stones, corundum, etc.

Our long experience in precision graded micron diamond powders is a valuable asset. It guarantees more stringent quality inspection and better product delivery consistency over time.

The tough grit

MBV70 is also a purpose-synthesized and unprocessed grit. It contains a majority of perfectly shaped and tough crystals. This product is also subjected to the additional optical inspection process, to check particle size distribution and particle shape.


MBV70 200/230

A sieve size grit for highest requirements:
With the MBV70 grit, we offer an outstanding product for high quality production diamond grinding wheels, specially in application areas such as glass, natural stones, ferrites, special and exotic materials, etc.

The toughness of diamond particles is related to their crystalline structure and to their shape. Each grit type must therefore conform to the required properties in terms of the mix of crystalline structures and particle shapes.

(Figure by courtesy Van Moppes)

We have invested a lot of time and effort to fully investigate the micron-mesh overlap area, in order to provide our customers with highest product quality and perfectly matched product ranges. Our additional sieve size inspection system, derived from the very demanding micron size inspection methods, provides a remarkable advantage in terms of grit size quality and delivery consistency, as well as the performance of the final products. Grit toughness is influenced by the proportion of well shaped crystals contained in it. The image analysis system allows the measurement of particle shape distributions.

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