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With the rapid increase in use of optical glass fibres in telecommunication networks and LAN's, there is an increasing need for high quality fibre connections. A good connection starts with a good end, a good end starts with a good cut, and a good cut starts with a Awindiamond diamond cleaving knife.

Awindiamond can supply diamond cleaving edges on any holder that you desire. The holder can be made to fit your tool or equipment. We also have a range of standard products on Mo holders, both repairable (SS-series) and non-repairable (TA-series). You will find an Awindiamond diamond cleaving edge in most commercial cleaving machines.

Large view of a cleaver

SEM of a diamond cutting edge

SS Series - repairable


Diamond Hand-held Cleaving Knives

For the less demanding applications, e.g. in quality control, we offer hand-held diamond cleaving knives, in three variations:

  • Model 5280 has a straight edge with an included angle of 60(infinity), centrally placed on the holder.

  • Model 5288 has the same edge, but is placed flush with the holder. This facilitates cutting off fibres that for example stick out of a clamp holder.

  • Model 5290 has a diamond that is tilted 45(infinity) to the long axis, and can be used as a scribing device as well.

Hand held diamond fiber optic cleaving knife

Custom designed and manufactured cleavers are available on request.