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Polycrystalline Micro Diamond Powder (Super Syndia)

Polycrystalline SS 0.5-1

Polycrystalline SS 0.1-0.2

is an explosion-synthesized micron diamond powder. Due to its polycrystalline structure, it has no well defined cleavage planes. It can therefore bear pressures 2 to 3 times higher than monocrystalline diamond. In addition, its particles have a specific surface 2 to 3 times higher than monocrystalline diamond, which gives them a higher abras­ive power, due to their many contact points and cutting edges.

SuperSyndia is available in three grading qualities: SSX (Precision), SS (Standard) and SSO (Wide), each being graded to specific limits for its targeted application range. The excellent grading quality is an important feature, all the more due to the toughness of its particles.

SuperSyndia micron diamond powder best shows its advantages in loose abrasive lapping and polishing applications: Lapping and polishing of monocrystalline ceramics (sapphire, ruby) or sintered ceramics (zirconium, aluminium oxide, SiC) can be performed at a higher working pressure, therefore at a higher production rate without any loss in surface finish.


Through its high cutting power, SuperSyndia diamond is unchallenged in the lapping and polishing of composite materials, on which it produces very flat surfaces, without any unevenness between hard and soft areas.

This SEM picture shows a special, very fine SS 0.1-0.2 micron powder, in approx. 30'000x magnification. It demonstrates our precision grading capabilities. We can satisfy any technical requirement, from the finest to the coarsest micron powder sizes, accurately and consistently.

Polycrystalline diamond powder


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