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Micron Powers
  Awin Diamond produces a complete range of micron powders in natural and synthetic diamond and cubic boron nitride. Micron+ products are precision graded from the appropriate coarse sized material similar to the Awin Diamond standard abrasive grit ranges, all of which have been produced in accordance with ISO9000 standards. The same high level of quality assurance and quality control procedures supports the proprietary processing and micronising techniques used in the production of Micron+. This ensures the best

possible product consistency and uniformity for each of the four products in this range. The products which comprise the Micron+ powders provide solutions in the form of bonded products or loose powder for finish grinding, lapping, polishing and precision cutting operations, particularly those requiring the strictest dimensional accuracy and fine surface finish. Most types of workpiece can be machined including glass, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and both PCD and PCBN cutting tool materials.

The important features of Micron+ powders are:

  • Tight control of size distributions

  • Consistent particle shape features

  • Controlled source material

  • All products manufactured and documented in accordance with ISO9000 standards


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