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Based on its long experience in the processing of industrial diamond, Awin Diamond has developed dedicated and proprietary methods for micronising. The use of these methods, coupled with strict quality control procedures, guarantees that all Micron+ products conform to or exceed industry standards. Technical quantitative results are available to customers on request.

Size Distribution is an important aspect of micron products. Awin Diamond imposes controls on the size distribution and the single maximum particle size present in each batch. Material is analysed using optical and scanning electron microscopy and also laser diffraction. Awin Diamond chooses the longest single dimension method for optical sizing, oversize particles etc. This allows for the determination of average mean particle size and maximum particle size. Variations in average mean particle size can lead to different cutting characteristics, and the presence of oversized particles can cause unwanted scratches to the surface of the workpiece, particularly in ultra-high precision areas such as lens grinding.

Awin Diamond has the ability to control the size distributions of its micron products to strict specifications, thereby providing a consistent and accurately-graded product to the customer. This means that, in addition to the standard sizes available, sizes can

be tailored to suit specific customer requests. Awin Diamond Micron+ powders are designed to have sharp, blocky, slightly irregular crystals for optimal material removal, whilst providing long tool life. Control of the surface chemistry is important in bonded tool manufacture, and proprietary cleaning methods are employed to remove contamination and ensure the product conforms to the most stringent specifications. Statistical Process Control systems are used to monitor all aspects of manufacture, thus ensuring close tolerance on particle size distribution and consistent shape characteristics.

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