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Cleaning Instructions

AWINDiamond hydrophilic ultra microtome knives

Diamond is usually hydrophobic. However, the special Awindiamond production method gives the cutting edge a hydrophilic character, a great advantage for ultramicrotome users. Together with the dedicated care and cleaning procedure of Awindiamond knives an excellent quality of your microtomes can be achieved.

Cleaning of Awindiamond knives

All hydrophilic materials contacting the surface of the diamond knife during sectioning or immediately after, will adhere more easily than on a hydrophobic knife. In the normal hydrophobic knife all debris, when covered with water, will be repelled from the diamond surface.


When a series of sections has been made and the operator is ready to pick them up, it is best to make a habit of sectioning the last two sections in blue (200 nm). These two blue sections are more easily removed using an eye-lash and the blue section will also push all debris into the trough rather than leave it stuck on the edge.
Secondly, after cutting the blue sections, fill the trough, up to the normal high water level, as this will facilitate the use of the eye lash and the removal of these sections will be easier. After fishing out the sections for further processing, finish the cleaning by passing a clean edge of the polystyrene stick, soaked in alcohol over the edge.

Temporary restoration of hydrophilicity

Any surface which needs a more hydrophilic behaviour can be treated with Decon 90. Mix about one drop of Decon 90 with one litre of de-ionised water. Do not use a higher concentration than one drop per half a litre water. Put the mixture in a squeezy bottle and rinse the entire surface, the back side of the boat and the diamond with it. Blow the knife dry with canned air and store it for future use or fill up and use as usual. If higher concentrations of Decon90® are used all sections will be lost over the edge onto the back of the knife. In case you find it difficult to obtain Decon90®, please notify us by fax and we will supply it to you.

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